Director`s Message

Takshshila College is among the best colleges in India . I believe that at the core of Takshshila’s success are certain underlying principles that ensure its continuing pole position.  Let me list a few that are on top of the radar:

  • Leveraging the intellectual and emotional bandwidth resident here in the faculty and student community, essential to spawn tomorrow’s global leaders today.
  • Ensuring an unshakable commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive community of learners, driven by values and energized by the meritocracy that marks our institute.
  • Sustaining an open and transparent culture that stokes curiosity at every turn, encourages collaboration and gets the best out of every student.
  • Preparing students for the complex world that they will face when they leave the portals of this vaunted institute leveraging our close linkages with industry, the Government and of course the academia. A complex world where they will have to take a position, express opinion, shape it and lead to make it a better place.
  • Building a responsive and powerful community of alumni in India and abroad who are global names to reckon with and are engaged meaningfully with the institute.